Live changing Ability ( like News APP) (Not Website)

I am Working on a Books And Essay App so if I add a new essay in my app so the people who had download my app before can’t able to see that essay they will have to re Download the App to see the changes so it will become annoying for those who has to re download the app again n again

IF you are giving me the solution of putting the web viewer component Don’t give it because that is not the right solution

it will be easy for app maker and the users so please Accept my Request

Something like Firebase? (Real-time database)

i dont know much about firebase but i think firebase only change the values not letter

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Probably your request is firebase. You can learn more about Firebase from these useful links:

Otherwise you will need to use TinyWebDB as it’s a bit hard in 2017 because of Google SDK has changed. (Firebase is much more easier if you learn it.)

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Firebase will be the best option.
There you can use the changed value event to update your content.

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thanks for your help please answer this question
Q: can you update Content Through Fire Base Like Essay And Books

You can store them in Github too

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