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Hey Moderators , I Am Not A Pro Developer And I Am Making An App For Women Safety. I Just Wanted To Make Live Location Sharing ( Just Like WhatsApp ) For High Amount Of Time . How Can I Make Option Of ‘Share Live Location’

You can use Location sensor for get location. If you want to share for a long time you can use firebase realtime database. If you cannot create these i will send you blocks but please try yourself for several times


Thanks A Lot , But I’m Just 14 And I’m Trying To Make App. Can You Please Send Me The Blocks And Explain Me How Was That Block Made ( Means The Working ) . I’ll Definately Try My Best To Understand The Blocks.

When i started to drag&drop system (MIT app inventor) i was 13. After 1 year i won republic competiton with math app which i made it with MIT app inventor. I am now 17 and still learning coding. I appreciate your desire to learn. Keep it up.

Let’s solve your problem. There are blocks for you

blocks (26)

You can configure these blocks. If you give more details about your app we can help you about other details of app.

There is aia file

RealtimeLocation.aia (2.6 KB)


Hey , Thanks A Lot To Providing Me The Blocks , Can You Please Explain Me How The Blocks Works And How To Do The Firebase Settlements ( Setups ) . Either On WhatsApp Or Telegram Or Kodular Only . can You Please Explain Me

First you need firebase account. After creating firebase account go to console and then realtime database. Set rules to true for read and write.

The first block helps you see location when it changed. You can use this block for get location. When location changed block helps you get location realtime.The second block gets data when data changed. For example if you set first block to one app and second block for another app you will get realtime location of first app’s user on google map

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Thanks A Lot And I Agree With Your Answer And I Also Understood That How It Works… Thanks For Becoming A Tutor For Me. :pray:

Whenever you need help you can contact with me. If my answer helps you please mark it as a solution


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