Loaaf • A Powerful Extension with Various Loading Animations Bundled! [PAID] [1.0]

Loaaf • A Powerful Extension with Various Loading Animations Bundled! :partying_face:

Loaaf creates various kinds of loading animations in AndroidViewComponents like HorizontalView, VerticalView, and so on. These animations are fully customizable with custom colors   :wink:


Loaaf contains two main blocks, the rest consisting of property blocks for defining the type of the animation.

  1. image |

    Creates The Animated View in the Specified Layout.

  1. image |

    Returns a Integer Value for the provided #hexValue
    e.g. #fffff

  1. image |

    Sets the color for the animation. The ParseColor block can be used here.


  1. BallBeatIndicator
  2. BallClipRotateIndicator
  3. BallClipRotateMultipleIndicator
  4. BallClipRotatePulseIndicator
  5. BallGridBeatIndicator
  6. BallGridPulseIndicator
  7. BallPulseIndicator
  8. BallPulseRiseIndicator
  9. BallPulseSyncIndicator
  10. BallRotateIndicator
  11. BallScaleIndicator
  12. BallScaleMultipleIndicator
  13. BallScaleRippleIndicator
  14. BallScaleRippleMultipleIndicator
  15. BallSpinFadeLoaderIndicator
  16. BallTrianglePathIndicator
  17. BallZigZagDeflectIndicator
  18. BallZigZagIndicator
  19. CubeTransitionIndicator
  20. LineScaleIndicator
  21. LineScalePartyIndicator
  22. LineScalePulseOutIndicator
  23. LineScalePulseOutRapidIndicator
  24. LineSpinFadeLoaderIndicator
  25. PacmanIndicator
  26. SemiCircleSpinIndicator
  27. SquareSpinIndicator
  28. TriangleSkewSpinIndicator

How to use Loaaf ?

Its very easy!

To use Loaaf you just need to drag the CreateLoadingView Block, Place the Parent Component in the in slot and drag one of the Animation types from the Properties in the type slot :wink:


Loaaf is a PAID extension as of now. To buy it please PM me here.
Once bought you will receive a AIA file of all the Animations.


  • 300 INR
  • 4$ USD


I don’t provide demo APK for paid extensions. Here is a video!

Thanks! :partying_face:
Regards, Pratyush.


It is already available on the community

Free version is more customizable than your paid extension


Really After this A have understood if we want to make something new than that should be new means it should have more features than other one which is already available.

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Exactly I have made this loading view some days ago with more customisation and more features but I just postponed the publishing as there was already an extension available.


Nice extension

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Extension is good but as all said it is not meant to be paid IG :sweat_smile:

Nice extension @Pradevel :+1:

Reply to the first few posts

This is not really good to comment like this openly. You could have said in the PM (if can). Anyway, this way may help others knowing the other free extension.

Imagine you made an extension animation extension using a library that is open source and the next day I make the exact same things but with more features using my knowledge.

How would you feel? Would you feel happy :innocent:

(this is just imagination and reply to the first few comments, please do not go too far behind this)

A good practice is to check for extensions that are already available (in case free) in the extension directory by @Taifun

App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

I do sometimes make extensions that were already available but sometimes do not publish them (in most of the cases except if it has new things)


In my opinion I will definitely be happy as will get a new affinity to make more new features and share them . Yes I will be Happy

Sorry I have completely Over looked that one :sweat_smile:

Both his and my extensions were based on the same library, and I did some more customizations in the effects itself. So I don’t think thats true.

I think you have not understood what I exactly mean by customisation.
I said that user can only set the color of the progress in your extension whereas in free version user can set background color, hide it and can show it again. But I think you just missed these features. Thats why i said you this.

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I’m sorry I forgot to add it in the documentation… But this is present in the final Extension. The documentation was made early. :slight_smile:

I shall show people my work regardless of what someone thinks or say.


Hmmm I completely agree, the decision to make aix free or paid is on Author


Nice One :+1:

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