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when opening my app it loads information. I’d like to display a loading screen. After that a message for 2 seconds and when all is done continue to the actual app.

But I can not get a loading screen with progress bar to be displayed correctly. My best guess is the loading proces is pretty demanding for the cpu/ram of the phone. And therefor the screen is not displayed correctly. Testing the app scanning the barcode gives a better result then downloading the apk and installing the app. In the last case there’s no loadingscreen at all. Just a white screen. My loadingscreen is just a white screen with one word and a circular progressbar. After that there should be a second screen for 2 seconds, just a white screen with one word.
the “screen” or all just frames withing Screen1 I do not have multiple screens at this point. Just frames that are visible true or false.

What would be the best strategie to implement a loadingscreen with progress bar? Can I set a trigger at some point AFTER loading in order to close the the loading screen and continuing to the app itself?
how to solve this?

(Loading sequence: when database is empty, load csv from webpage. When database not empty, if a specific value does not match the versionnumber online, then load the new csv file.
When csv loaded, loop through the values and store them in the database.
Finally, get all information from the database and store it in a list. The csv file is about 60kB in size. 300 rows with 15 values.)

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1: you can use splash screen option and set any image as splash , (in screen1 proprties you will find that)
2: you can use a clock and set that to 2 seconds and when screen initilaze enable clock and when clock timer do, open other screen or anything you want to show, (you can create screen design in a arrangenet and when clock done hide that)
3: you can use lottie animations and there is lot of animations on lottie website free to use

many other ways also,


I had the splashscreen option enabled without a logo. That shows a white screen. Exactly what I saw.
I disabled that option. I now have split up the app in to screens. Screen1 with all the loading and a simple vertical alignment with a white background and the circular progressbar. And Screen2 with the actual app.
When all is loaded it opens Screen2, shows a second message during filling the list. So far so good.

In testmode, scanning the QR-code with the kodular-app, all works fine.

When exporting the app, downloading the apk file by the QR code, it’s not ok. Than my custom screen with the progressbar is not shown. Strange, very very strange.
Which of the two option represents the final state of the app when available in the appstore?

you must set your loading screen 1, on screen 2 your app ,

show us your blocks screen shot of screen 1

Issue solved. Several problems combined.

The first line of code in the “When Screen1.initialize” was “set splashframe visible : true”. Removing this line and set the splash-frame in design mode to be visible be default improved things a little.

Second, I had the option splashscreen enabled, without a logo. That blank screen covered my custom vertikal arrangement with the circular progress bar. I disabled this option. Thnx for the hint.

In testmode, scanning the QR-code, loading from the web is very slow, approximately 10 seconds. The custom vertical alignement with the progress bar was shown during loading.
The second frame on Screen2 was shown while reading the database. That took a couple of seconds, enough to show my second screen. That’s why it worked perfectly in testmode.

When the app is installed on my phone, all is much faster. Way to fast for the custom screens to be shown during loading. Because loading only takes half a second instead of appr. 10 seconds. That’s why it did not seem to work after installing the app. Adding a timer solved that.

Thnx for the input. It makes one think and solve issues :wink:

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