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Hello I have a TOURNAMENT APP. And MATCH’s DATA comes from AIRTABLE. If you touch the screen while DATA is loading, the next DATA will not appear. How to use the loading screen for that. This means that the loading SCREEN should continue until the full DATA is loaded. What needs to be done for this.


you can show spinning progress when you start getting data, and when the data is getted then you can dismiss the spinning progress

Demo Blocks

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You can use Lottie animation to make app more beautiful

Sorry but I’m not able to check your blocks as you have posted your blocks all together. You can show a spinning progress until all data has been captured from database.

You can use this free extension by @zainulhassan

You can use the transparent dialog feature in a vertical arrangement and add a circular progress if you want. Set cancelable to false and when the data is loaded, you can use the Dismiss block.

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