Location extension

Does anyone in the community have the location extension?
I need it.

Which location extension? you should mention its name exactly, and a picture of its blocks?

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I’m going over the blocks and the screen at the time of execution.erro


I still didn’t understand your question, if you want this extension ,so i think this extension is buy deep host, which you could find at his application.
P.S: discussion about deepHost extensions isn’t allowed in the community :wink: As he don’t support his extensions.

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In this topic I started asking who has an extension that can get the location of the city.
Right now I need it, no matter who the developer is.
If anyone has an extension that does this, help me.

The extension you mentioned is deephost extension which you can find it on his app.

I am looking for any other extension that someone has built, we have already seen that DEEPHOST does not work. Forget DEEPHOST.

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  1. And why doesn’t kodulars built in location sensor component work for you?
  2. What answers did you get when you searched this community?
  3. If you are looking for extensions just search on Taifun’s extensions site as it lists nearly every extension that is ever made for AI contributions.

I have a new Motorola E6S phone with android 10, and TAIFUN on googleplay says it can’t install on my phone …
“It is not compatible”, what hardness.

Only your actual City ? With Google Maps + location sensor you do.

The Application must take the city where the person is at the moment.
How do I use this google solution?

I meant this:

what exactly are you talking about? what are you trying to install?
where did I say anything about this? you might want to provide a link…


Google Maps, Location Sensor …

My Location
Street: Rua Barao de Miracema 110
City : Campos dos Goytacazes
CEP : 28035-302
Country : Brasil

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@Rogerio_Rios do you have sample code on how to use that block?

Did You Solved ? @iberlucio_santos

These are the Component: Google Maps and Location Sensor. Create your screen, insert them. Test them and look at the other available blocks of these Components. If you have problems, post here.