Location sensor not enough accurate

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When I get position location using GPS I get only 5 digits for latitude or longitude. My smartphone GPS has 30cm accuracy and I would like to know how to get more digits to be able to use this accurate location.

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Android version


maybe this can help you

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Thank you for your help but it doesn’t solve the problem.
I’ve tested Thunkable and also Sketchware with the same program and with those editors I get a really accurate position : more than 10 digits for latitude.
With Kodular or AI2 the accuracy is really poor so if you want to locate somethin with high accuracy it seems to be not possible :frowning:

Why doesn’t the given extension solve the problem? Have you tried it? Show what you have done.

Sensor Location accuracy.


This is other extension but accuracy is 2…4 m

I am sorry. I don’t understand what you mean. To get more digits and so more accuracy I have to add and extension to Kodular ?

I have made this test with the extension and I still have 5 digits ;-(

The first screen copy is an app done with Sketchware bloc editor and the second one with the extension…

try using format as demical from math drawer


This make sense, since my main project today is ride-sharing, using Google Map is not accurate, so I adapt to use an extension

Hello, I used this extension in my app and i followed this step you gave, it gave me the exact location but i also received an error message afterwards.

what should i do?

is this a question for @juananton1991?
what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?
also why do you need that extension? What about using the built in location sensor?


The accuracy of the data obtained by the GPS depends on the place, in some places an accuracy of about 3m can be obtained.