Lost My App Keystore

I lost my Keystore and I don’t have backup.
Now I’m contacting play console support to update my Keystore my I’m not able to convert keystore to PEM file.
Keystore Explorer software didn’t work in my pc.
Can anyone help me here to convert keystore to PEM

@Boban Can You Plz?

Once you lose your keystone, it’s the end. The keystore is to verify that your app is the the original copy. Play store cannot let you change your keystone as it will invaliate older versions of your app.

Please make a habit to backup your keystore

That was is in the past, now Google offer that you can change keystore however, I don’t know how they handle older versions

I’m on my lunch break so I can do it for you now, otherwise you will have to wait until later today, just PM me your new keystore


Tysm @Boban :slightly_smiling_face:
Kindly check your inbox

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