Lottie on top of screen bug?


I am placing a lottie at top of the screen. And whatever I do, there is blank space between lottie and top of the screen. If I place a picture there with same parameters, no blank space at top… Any suggestions?

Can you show us how the json animation looks. It can happen if the size of the json animation is smaller in size or made as centered ( white space around it ).

white background…

Maybe they left out some space in the lottie animation. That’s the reason.

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Definitely no space in animation. Summer breeze on Lottiefiles. Free Lottie Animation

I think that is caused by height… Did you use Automatic in Lottie Animation height.

Yes. I tried everything I suppose.

Did you try lowering the height to trim those whitespace. Try setting height to portion of the screen. eg. 20% or 30%. Use companion to test in realtime.

Yeah, I tried :neutral_face:

You are getting the whitespace even after lowering the heights. I think this error is caused by the lottie components itself. If you’re sure that everything is correct and it is still showing like this. Please open a bug thread about this change the topic category to bug.

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Lottie not compatible with Companion. (in response to Jaxparrow)

Did it work properly after exporting the app?

No. Placing just a picture works fine, it fills the top of screen. Lottie doesn’t.

Please check is there any space block unknowingly added or any arrangement you have added without any components just over this lottie. If so that also will cause this kind of view

You can use Decoration component to position lottie at top of screen.

I know this and have experienced this problem many times, actually Lottie files actually creates this space, so If you want to know what approach I selected then you can try the below given blocks: (Maybe this don’t fit for you, but it did fit for me)

blocks (17)

StatusBar Tools

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@TheLakshya you are not allowed to upload an extension in the community unless you are the developer. Instead you can put a link to the developer’s post or site


@Andrei_Baburin I also have test this thing and many times when I was making a Full screen Lottie animation then there is a whitespace left a on all the sides so I think this is the problem of kodular ??

Oh…that’s the problem…I was a bit confused that why my post was flagged. Thanks for telling me I was a bit angry that What’s the problem with my post, but now I knew that I did a serious mistake…Thanks for telling me actually I was not aware of this rule and yes, this makes sense. I was initially putting the link but the problem I encountered that I was not able to find the original post of this extension so I uploaded it from my PC. By the way, Everything got cleared now. thanks @dora_paz for editing the link. Pardon me for my mistake :blush:


That’s why I posted what I did. Actually by using get device width block you can set width of lottie to device’s width. And this may not leave any space on the sides.