Make status bar icon dark

I have a solution for your issue.
Use the following blocks in Screen.Initialize block:

You can find this above block under the Screen blocks.
Hope it helps!

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It shows runtime error, because the hex color you put is incorrect
you should make it like this #FFFFFF (6 digits only)

And to use the extension is like this :


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I put it down exactly like this.
it still not working

Did you untick the timer fire and timer enabled form the designer mode?

yes, i did that

Hello @Seller_Newbie,

I recommend this extension more over the others. It works for a majority of Android™[1] and has what you’re looking for! I hope I could be of help.

1 Reflex only supports API 23 and higher.

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Thanks guys. it got fixed. had some problem with api. now it works fine

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Please explain the solution to the issue. What have you done to fix the issue?


Hello again,

The minimum API would not have affected the extension, it should have been set by the extension developer. I do recommend switching to Reflex since it is simpler to use and setup, one method and that’s all!

Have a nice rest of your day!

:+1: thanks for replay

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hmm, it’s not like my example

Okay, tht will works too

The issue has been solved @Salman_Dev.

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I used this block and I didn’t require any extension and the purpose was solved.

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i have tried this also, it works on companion. not works in apk

can you check weather it works after minimizing for some time and then open the app again.?

Oh! I’m so sorry. I remembered that it works perfectly in companion as well as apk. But, I tried the apk now and it doesn’t work. Sorry :sweat_smile:

use clock and fill 1000 in the time interval (uncheck both time enabled and time always fire on designer screen)
now enable the clock on screen initialise and put the block “Status bar light icon = True” when timer stops.
if it didn’t work then increase the time interval and check again

If you’re on Android 11+, you’ll want to use Reflex. It supports Android 6.0+.