Status bar color issue

I use white color on status bar but i also use block for that (Set status bar light color to true) after testing on companion it is working fine but after intalling app in my mobile (Android 9) it is again not showing icons for battery indicator and network signals.

Also, this happens in some devices only.
Pls give solution.

Create your own custom status bar.

Do not mention people in your very first post!


The thing is when you set the status bar light icon to true, some devices are showing dark icons (I mean acting reverse), some of them are showing light icons. I think it is depends on phone.

But you can revert it always by using these blocks:


Note that this feature only works API ≥ 23


Is these blocks will work on every time even phone show black or white

I noticed that it doesn’t work on my android 9 either, so unfortunately i have no solution for it



Now as answer given by @yusufcihan is it work then?

As far I know, no. Unfortunately.

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Then what’s the perfect solution for that…

It’s a theme issue, I will check if I have time to dig in the themes

None for now


You can use dark colors in your app instead of light theme as default, then you can provide the light theme as in-app themes.

Or change the status bar background color to dark.

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Don’t you think this :point_up: is bit rude sentence?

If you wish you use the temporary solution provided by @yusufcihan for now. OR you can wait till there is any proper way or solution. Patience is expected here from your side


I didn’t say anything about changing the design. I just said you can add a dark theme to your app by just reverting the colors. If you do that, status bar background will be black so you will able to see white icons.

It is up to you to change the colors or don’t.

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If i made my own status bar which is white in color then will icons show?

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Can someone try this one StatusBarTestLight.apk (4.8 MB) and see if it works on there’s devices with android 9

I will reply here with the solution when I get confirmation from user in question that it works


It’s working for me @Boban

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