Navigation & status bar light icons doesn't work at once why?

If status bar icons sets to light icons then cant set navigation bar icons to light &
If navigation bar icons sets to light icons then cant set status bar icons to light why ?
Is it bug ?blocks

i think it changes whole theme to light

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I haven’t tried this…
I ask you one thing it would be better if you make post title clear enough about post


I want to make whole app with white theme

I want to make white theme of my app but if i set status bar light icons & navigation bar light icons then it doesnt work but if i use only one block at once then it works

Please refer here

Yes i know thats working , my problem is if status bar light icons working then navigation bar doesnt , and if navigation bar working then status bar icons doesnt work.Only one is working .

Can you capture the blocks you create?

I made white theme its not working then i already set my app with blue theme .

Yes, this seems to be an issue


Apparently they overwrite each other and there of only one works

Try this one StatusBarTestLight.apk (4.8 MB)

@KodularCreator we need a third option set Status Bar and Navigation Bar Light Icons in one block

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its working ,
How did you made it sir ?

The issue has been located and its fix is being tested. Thanks for reporting!

Actually I made a very bad extension :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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