Makeroid campanion not working?

My app that i am working on, i cant test or download through your campanion app… i just reinstalled the app but still the problem persists. The problem is not there with other programs like thunka… and appy… i just checked there companion to be sure of any fault due to network but they work fine. My mobile is sony xperia android 5.0. Please help, i had to download it on computer and then send to mobile through usb and then installl thats a long process . So makeing the companion would be very helpful. Is the problem is because of my android version or anything else?

You don’t tell what is exactly the problem. What works and what not.

nothing works my friend the mobile picks the qr code and don’t do anything else, when i click on scan qr code the app scan the code and the text code also appear as it is on my phone but the app don’t load any app or screen to my mobile

And this happens with an empty project to?

not really i had added some labels and test add to check. But yes its a new project… i was actually checking on makeroid because for the last 1 month i was working on appy… . I am not taking names because it may be aginst your policy or some rules like there you can’t name their opponent name

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yes yes my friend i was on https thanks, but why is it so?

It’s just a limitation of the companion - it doesn’t work over https connections on any of the builders. We are looking into ways to fix this in the future.

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