Makeroid companion goes force stop

dear makeroid team I am very happy :relaxed:to see the new makeroid andromeda. but I am not satisfied :disappointed_relieved: because it has some bugs :bug: in their makeroid companion and I am also using the latest version.
all things are perfect but when we go to live test and connected then it works but when we do changes in makeroid designer then the makeroid companion goes force stop :tired_face:. with this but we cannot do a live test and without a live test, it is very hard to build an app :unamused:.

:thinking:I think this problem was in the companion app. when it collects data from the server then it goes force stope maybe I think it unable to handle the data :thinking:

:star_struck: I hope you understand we are waiting for your replies and I definitely know the makeroid team will never disappoint there user :heart_eyes:
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:sorry for bad English :sweat_smile:

I have tested the makeroid companion in

  1. Samsung Galaxy J2
  2. tenor D
  3. Samsung galaxy grand 2
  4. lava A97
  5. Mi 5a
    :zipper_mouth_face: but it doesn’t work :zipper_mouth_face:

Why do you think the companion has a bug? Maybe it is your project that is causing the crash of the companion.

You said it yourself, when you make changes in the designer the “companion goes force stop”.

What are you doing before it crashes?


In new makeroid companion update it solved all bugs thank you makeroid :grin:

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