Makeroid Login Page

I don’t know if it has been reported or if it’s just my mistake but I sometimes have a problem to log-in to my Makeroid account.
In fact I always log-in with my Google Account. But sometimes, the option to log with Google doesn’t appear…

I tried to put my Google email and password, but doesn’t work. So now I’m stuck.
You’ll be wondering : “but how did you do to acces Makeroid community forum and write this topic ?”. So I’ll answer you : the option was there ^^

Am I the only one who gets this “error” ?

Keep waiting for the button to appear…

or clear your cookies

Yeah I already done that

The button takes some time to load after the page has been loaded

Oh ok, didn’t know that !
Sorry, I deleted my previous sentence, I thought it was a little rude… :confused:

I’ll answer myself to the problem :
I forgot to deactivate adblock plus on Makeroid, it was blocking the Google login button!

thanks for the solution bro It saved all my important projects

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