Makeroid on mobile devices

Wow makeroid works without mouse in mobile device.
Other distribution not works without puffin browser.

I tried in Chrome.
See this gif.

Only two problems are there with mobile devices.

(1) in designer mode screen cuts as shown in gif block button is not visible.
But if i click besides designer it opens blocks.
(2) right click option. We can’t see right click options in mobile if it is possible to add right click options when we long click on blocks it will be great.
We don’t needs to depend on laptop or desktop.
Right click options should work in both mode designer and blocks.

Thanks @Kodular for such great feature.


Makeroid should add a sentence “thanks to Evan Patton”, he (App Inventor team member) made a pull request on GitHub for App Inventor to add touch support, so every single distro will have this after AI will pull that request.

Makeroid is never made to be used on your Phone to create your whole app, we always will suggest you use a Desktop or Laptop to make your apps, but we added this option, so you can add small changes with your Phone and work better on Tablets


To add to what @Sander has said, Makeroid is not guaranteed to work on phones.

Our platform uses three major user actions-

  • General selection (left click)
  • More options (right click)
  • Pick, drag and drop (left mouse button click and hold)

But for mobile use, it is not possible to have unique combinations for these actions

  • General selection (touch)
  • More options (touch and hold)
  • Pick, drag and drop (touch and hold?)

The problem is caused due to the fact that mouses can have left and right clicks, but touches have no such distinction.

If anyone could come up with a unique combination for these actions, we’ll be more than happy to work on the same.



Althrough we can use the major actions on mobile devices with Makeroid , but the UI is not Friendly on Mobile Devices , it is hard to use on the small phone screen , so i hope that Makeroid can make the UI Mobile Friendly on the Mobile Devices

Finally right click working on mobile Chrome.