Making a sleep timer app [Help Needed]

I want to make an app that has a button called “Sleep Timer”. Clicking on that button a pop-up notification will be shown. Then it will ask the user to input hours & minutes. When the inputted hours & minutes are finished, the app will be closed.

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If you want someone to make the complete app, you have to change the category to Marketplace Request. Otherwise you have to tell with which part you need help and show what you tried yourself.


use any timer… very simple. Also you can get it plenty in the forum. Search in the forum before you ask…

so are you telling a alarm

I need a specified part of code. I want to take input of hours & minutes from user via notifier.

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No need to ask the same twice. That is like spamming this topic.


Use a button and on click show a a custom notifier with a time picker in it. Then you will get the time. Then you can use timer and executive whatever you need after that.

If you need that to run in background then you will need to use a extension.

Do you want the timer to work with online or offline… We can run the timer in two cases… Let us know

I want to run the app offline

I’m new here.

wait for a few minute, we will post the block.

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Mybe do you want task in run background but impossible by kodular

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Try to visit here,

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If possible try to use this…

offline 24 hr timer

No25_COUNTDOWN24HR.aia (5.8 KB)

I have used the following blocks for making this app…
I attempted in a new way.


Thanks. It helps me much. Is there any way to input it via custom notification dialog or from popup window?

timer needs to be display in notification window?

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I want to input hours, minutes & seconds from a notification window.

yes, wait for few minutes…

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I think a Time Picker would be better and easier to manage.