Making last content invisible after minimizing

Hi guys! is there actually a way to make content that was last displayed by a user of an app to be invisible, when minimized?

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Working when apk built and installed
This app is build in kodular and showing last screen when minimize app,

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so it’s practically impossible?

You don’t want to show your last screen when app minimized?

Yes i don’t

Try using when app paused , set visible false of all arrangements you have used in screen, and when app resume visible true all arrangements

i was thinking about that, but was not sure of what “when app paused mean”

In every screen take a main arrangement and in that arrangement put all your items or anything you have used , and when app paused set visible false of that main arrangement, simple

exactly what i was thinking, let me give it a try, i’ll get back to you

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didn’t work, thanks for the help though.

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Try to use the screenshot component and disable “Allow screenshots” property

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Didn’t work.

If i restrict someone from using my app if not downloaded from the playstore with device utilities, will the app know, only if the data connection is on or is it going to be an offline sensing?

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.


If you want to hide the content shown on the recent screen you must use the Screenshot component and uncheck “Allow Screenshot”

Example (Telegram X, but it works the same way in Kodular)




If you are in Companion try using “Do it” before going to the Recent screen

Sorry this is the blockio

I don’t have the companion

where can i find that