Material design throughout whole app

(Claudio) #1

I would like to see material design colours applied to every component that it doesn’t have a colour set. For example if a radio button does have a default colour, the theme should apply the material colour selected (accent) as Android Studio does, instead of having to define manually every colour to match the material design palette.

(Yusuf Cihan) #2

Yeah, it can be good but you can do that with blocks. Just create a procedure which sets all components’ colors with the selected color.

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(Claudio) #3

Hi and thanks for the reply. A procedure? isn’t that the same as defining the colours manually? What’s the point of re-inventing the wheel and do the job that Android could do for you, anyway?
I know there are workarounds but my question goes more to the point of making Kodular to make better use of the design library.

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(Boban Stojmenovic) #4

Agree with you and it was thought with it from the beginning

  • but many users did not understand how the accent color worked
  • too many requests for different things
  • they wanted to be able to specify their own colors
  • etc

Kodular had to adapt to make it work and you got what you have now, this is MIT AI2 build ComponetTest20180920.apk (3.0 MB) with some components that has accent color throughout the app


(Claudio) #5

Thanks Boban.
I like your reply as makes sense. Any ideas if will ever be implemented?

(Boban Stojmenovic) #6

Do not think so, the more components they implement, the more we will have to change

P.S But I could be wrong