Material design

Hi Guys,
I can set the design colours for the title bar, etc, etc. However dunno how to set up the widgets. For example, when app is built, very few widgets get their colour from the Accent colour in Screen1. Do you have to set up all the colours of the other widgets manually? (It doesn’t matter which widgets) Shouldn’t android apply the theme uniformly on all widgets?

If you mean components by widgets, then yeah, you need to set their colors manually.


You can properties of Screen1:

  • Primary Color
  • Accent Color

Just play! You can find every setting which you want! :wink:

thanks for the reply.
mmmm… not really user-friendly isn’t it? I don’t understand why as Android studio apple the theme to every component from the manifest and a few style files… Anyway, thanks for answering my question.

Mmmm… Maybe, but I don’t think it actually is. That’s just about it! :man_shrugging:

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