Material Icon Not working Properly

I See This ttype error

google redirect me In google fonts When I click On

some icon like "home " working but Flash , verifyd Type icon not working anyone help me ?

same issue with me. use small cases while using the icon.
Ex:- Now material icon website icon name is Settings Use settings

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Thanku for response , Is all icon working using this method ?

Nope i will show you proper method.

Double click on icon and then press ctrl+c icon is copied like this " thumb_up". You can use it easily.


Use this code

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I tried but i can’t copy code using this way. When i select only icon code automatic all css code was selected.

that what i say him

Edit with Notepad or kodular itself or select text or Double clicking the icon and Ctrl + c @Earn_Money_online @WeMakeBest


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What is advantage just double click on icon and then copy very easy.


@Earn_Money_online Thanku its working in small latter’s.
@WeMakeBest thanku For this Duble click method :blush::heart:Best way
@Enderman Thank you for this .

__> All icon working in small Latter’s.
Click duble time on icon then press clrt+c ,

Use lower case and instead of space between icons use _ .

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