Md5 hash to text

Hello dear community. My question is about md5 hash. With cryptography component we can get hash code of some text. But i dont know how can i return initial form of that text. I could not find this method under cryptography component.

You can’t.

What do you want is an encryption method, use one of the other methods.


İ need store mails as tag im firebase database. But firebase dont allow to use symbols (@) in tags. thats why i think to store emails with their hash values. But now i can not return to mail version that hashes. Can you solve my issue?

So you don’t really need encryption? Why don’t you just simply change the @ with another character before send the “email/tag” to firebase? Note: I don’t know anything about Firebase.

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Yes i dont need encryption. I will try to change @ with other symbol. Thank you

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