Menu button suddenly stopped working

Today i was making some changes to my app, then suddenly i saw, some components disappeared. when i exported apk again, by making some components visible, they came back but menu button is not working. I have checked blocks and previous backup of my app, everything is same(as per what i saw).
When i click it, nothing happens, when i drag sidebar and close it, then i click button, it starts working, if i move to other screens and come back to that screen, still it does not work and starts working when i drag side bar.

any blocks?

Are you using custom menu, then make sure the arrangement is visible.


It also happened with me. As maayur said

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For custom side menu, The arrangement which is used as side menu must be set visible.

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I double checked. All components are visible.
After messing for 1.5 hrs, i finally had to delete project and imported 2 day old backup. Everything is fine now, except again i will have to wait for 3 more days to apply for monetisation.

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