Merge list items

Hi, how can I join two lists but not one below the other, but rather each item with its correspondent in the other list and save it in a txt file?

list one: item1, item2, item3
list two: 10, 11, 12

in the txt file:
item1 - 10
item2 - 11
item3 - 12

I believe the index of corresponding items will be same in each list, so run them in a numbered loop and create another list where you join the item of x index of first list to the item of x index of second list using join block. I dont know about saving txt file so cant help there.

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This might work for you.


thank you very much guys, I’ve been trying for days :sweat_smile:, I’m still learning and thanks again for your attention to those who don’t understand much.


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