Hello community, I’ve got a question I hope someone can help me understand this.

Last friday I uploaded an app with API 28 as min sdk

I understand that in my cellphone (Android 8.1) I will not be able to use it, But if I upload an min sdk version below API 29 (as of 3rd august) PlayStore will reject it. So I am trying to understand this:

If I choose minsdk API 19 -> It will be usable in API 19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29 (But will PlayStore policy allow me to upload an App with min sdk19? Because August 3rd the min version is API 29. So Im trying to figure it out if only latest cellphones will be the only ones to use latest apps.)

Or how does it work?


You have misunderstood it, it should be target…


Target is set by the server when you build your app and you can’t control it either

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That was what I was scared of!!! Thank god. So to sum up in easy words: Google wants API 29 to be included in the target, but they re not requiring us API 29 to be the min SDK - And the way the API 29 is targeted is vía Kodular servers, so we shouldn’t care about that. If we want to be usable in all phones we should leave the min sdk as API 19, and the server will build it with targets for all APIs. Am I correct?

Refer to this


I would like to add that some extensions or components require a minsdk to function. Based on this you must configure your minsdk inside your Kodular Creator.
For example
Youtube Player component Requires API 17
ExoPlayer component Requires API 19

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Thanks Lea, that’s very useful!!! :argentina: :grin:

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No need for that, if you set min 19 and component/extension require 21, it will build as min 21…


Thanks @Boban for the info i thinks this are necesary to set min to component works.
Where i can read that info I want to know ?
I’m sure not many users know this …

See here:

Learn more: App Inventor Annotations - مستندات Google


Thanks you so much help is appreciated !!! :+1: