Missing Screen all of a sudden

Hi All

Ive got the missing screen thing on my app

despite searching for an answer to this the type of “solution” i read is make BACKUP

Well, thats rubbish. You dont test all the screens all the time so how do you know when you lost the scrren???

Are there any serious solutions to this problem out there?

Please, Im really screwed without a solution

Im not throwing 3 years worth of work down the drain!!!


Doubt that.

If you had follow the above you mentioned then you wouldn’t be in this mess

well, if you make backups, then you can at least import a version from the backup
if you do not make any backup then you might have to recreate that screen… or recreate the complete app if you have bad luck… don’t worry, the second time it goes faster…
see also MIT App Inventor 2 Tips – TWO DOG APPS


How could that possible? I have never face such problem. But at every stage of successful work i will make a back up copy and put it in gdrive

You dont test all the screens all the time

Ok, you made backups, so you can do some surgery to copy the 2 files of the missing screen from the backup to the current version of the project

Open both aia files using 7zip
Find the src subfolder and open all subfolders inside until you find the bky and scm files of all screens
Drag the 2 missing files from the backup to the current version
Upliad the modified current version into Kodular



Thank you so very much

Much appreciated

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