Mobile model comparison

Describe your issue
After eviewing some phone of my users, which my app is installed, as i find some small issue, like designs and technical, in some version or model. my app designs look different in others user designs, it just a small concern and i hope someone can share thier thoughts.
What is your app
My app is an e-commerce app. A wallet where buying some items earn a points, it is also a loyalty rewards app, like coupon and voucher


You see same brand of phone, but some small different in designs, also in Samsung J7 pro my app, completely black at homescreen, but work smoothly in others device.
Oppo the google map component fill parent of wioth and height dont work.I don’t know how to solve this, is it about some setting i need to adjust? like SDK or screen orientation something cho… cho… hope anyone can share thoughts. Much love

Are you using an arrangement inside the rounded card? Could these corners be the arrangement’s corners?

yes. but even i use it an arrangements, it is working smooth in other device. i try to see it also but same, thank you for your thoughts bro

Since the background color of the card is white try setting the background color of the arrangement to None and see if these corners still appear.

Use this setting for smooth rounded corners:

is their nothing problem when my SDK? i use android 4.2 (API 17)