Monetization Alternatives (I need your opinions)

What other options should I choose?

ADMOB I de-activated my admob account because I thought it was the cause of the conflict of my adsense (for my youtube channel). Now I can’t re-enable it and I don’t know the email address for their support. Can you help me with that?

FACEBOOK In order to use fb ads, your app should be in playstore (correct me if I’m wrong) and I am not yet sure if I really want to spend $25 for the developer registration fee because I’m still trying to learn things. Is there a free way?

OTHERS Is this a good option? anyone tried this one? and is this free? (create ads without spending money just like the process in facebook ads). I might try these tonight but any opinions about this?

I recommend you to use StartApp and to buy the Google Play Dev Account :sweat_smile::blush:


It needs a dev accnt too? just like facebook?

No, with Startapp you don’t need to upload your app on Google play store.

PS: But the app must be approved by Kodular.

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But if you want to get downloads, it’s better to publish it on Google Play :wink:

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Try with unity Ads.

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okay thank you!

I will! thanks

what’s is its advantage from the others?

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