Temporary ads and ads suggestion

I’ve made this app and putted test ads in it and wanted to try and use real ads, I’m not ready to publish the app on Google play tho, can I do the request on kodular and then upload it to Google play in the future or I can only chose to do one of the two? Also I can’t use admob because it says I have already an AdSense account which is restricted but it’s not true since I never used it before so which is a good alternative to admob?

There are many monitization options available. Startapp and Facebook ads can be good alternative.

Many monotization options available in kodular but in my opinion Facebook ads is one of the best alternative to admob.

If you don’t want to publish your app on playstore than you can’t use Facebook ads because it’s only work if you publish your app on Playstore.

Ok thanks a lot, I’ll see how to use them, but yes I do want to publish it, I just wanted to finish testing the app and the ads are the last thing to check

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Don’t worry if admob test works perfectly, also the real ads will work perfectly.

Ok thanks !