Test ads are fine but no real ads showing up

Hi there,
My apps are showing test ads, but not the real ads. Any suggestions to solve this issue please?


Hi Welcome to Community, it seems that you are new here…
First try searching and reading some topics as you can find tons of the topic similar to yours and secondly please go ahead to News Section and read


hope you understand

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Yeah you are right though. I am new to Kodular and been here since a week now. I read out some of the posts and yeah you are right that there are massive same topics. Well, to be honest, I tried to go with Android Plus but having the same issue. Test ads are working fine but not having real ads. I tried many many things and then moved to Kodular and tested here as well. I got one question here now, am I supposed to submit my app to Kodular management for approval? I lost that URL as I found that in the beginning of exploring Kodular but can’t find it any more. Thanks for the reply and sharing this link which I am gonna go through. (y)

You must send it for approval…
You can do this by going to account.kodular.io and go to admob section