Monetization status complete more then 3 weeks

Monetization status complete more then 3 weeks ??
i want to upload more apps i created in google play i cant
there is any solution?

what are you saying cant understand.

the request of approval for admob complete more than 3 weeks and no approved still

what kind of app is yours??

If you publish your app on playstore then you don’t need monetization approval to show ads in app. Monetization approval is only required when app is not published on playstore.

i have multiple apps to approved admob
my first
app QR and Barcode scanning with browsing in same app

You can direct upload in playstore no need to approve…
Ads will to showing …

still I export in my pc apk then I download in phone it showing for approval, so I didn’t publish in Play store.

If I publish in Play store doesn’t show approval for ad mob??

yes it will not ask for approvel.

As it is solve tick that it is solve

thanks you I will try

I think that popup (where it’s asking for approval) is confusing lots if people. Because more and more people asking the same question.

Maybe message on that popup should be replaced with something like “Upload app on play store to hide this message or ask for approval”

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