Can we request approval on apps which are in development phase?

Can you request ad approval for apps which are still in development phase, I mean my app Is 70% done and a set deadline is approaching. I’ve read that, ad approval takes 7 to 10 days. I can in no way develop my app 100%, request for approval and manage to publish my app on Google playstore before the deadline ends.

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You can apply for monetization approval but you have to add full detail about your app like what your app will do when it completed.

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I don’t think so because when you apply your description must match what the app does at the time of application.

You cannot give a 100% description for an app that is only 70% done.

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If u are going to publish ur app to google play store the u dont need any ad approval


“If your app is currently published on Google Play Store, or you plan to publish it in the future, please DO NOT REQUEST APPROVALS, as that system is ONLY for distribution outside that store (apps installed from Play Store can display ads without restrictions).

Found a post about it, thanks.

I can explain exactly what my app does. This is a bummer.

Thankyou very much.

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