Admob Approval pending

Sir my app is not check for admob Approval and it’s pending
Plz check it

It usually takes 48 hours to get approval, but can occasionally take more.


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As it is manual approval and only Admins that can review and approve apps, keep in mind that they are eight of them.

Then let’s hypothetically say that each Admin review 10 apps a day and there is 10000+ requests for a review.

How many days will it take for last person to get app approved?

So instead of waiting, just publish your app on play store.



Its very bad

Hello everyone,
First of all I apologize my English is terrible.
I understand frustration sometimes because of the delay. I myself am suffering from this (03 weeks from today) for approval. This generated a doubt. I already published on the Play Store, however, with the ads disabled to avoid headaches. There are some items that I want to implement as a translation example, but I’m not working because I don’t know if moving the APP until the approval takes place will cause more delays for approval?. Another point I notice is how the queue for approval is organized?. While waiting for approval of this APP, I made another one that I also thought would take time, strangely it was approved in 24 hours after the request. And the previous one? This opens the question if you are not having any problems with the organization of the queue for approval. I can not say because I do not know how this or if but someone has this problem, if it is an internal error I hope it helps to locate and remedy the problem, well we are waiting for the solution.


i have the same problem. my friend got immediate approval on his App but my app requested ads approval for 4 weeks now. Google Play can Monetize the App but when the App is shared via Shareit and Bluetooth it loses Monetization. Meaning that Google Play has limitted power in monetizing kodular Apps. We need approval from Kodular than we need from Google Play

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