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Hi. I am looking to create an application that allows me to write a notebook and save it. The app will have more details and the goal is to allow writers to have a better workflow. So I would like to know if you can help me find solutions to the limitations of Kodular when it comes to notebook, since it only saves plain text, and I wish that notebooks can add more things like:

  • embed images.
  • text search.
  • note labeling
  • Title.
  • body text with customization to implement font type, color, size, italic, bold, etc.

Any help would appreciate them.

Encode them as base64

Use SQLite database, and then search using the %LIKE% operator

I will tell you after the update :wink:

Maybe work with the Listview Image and Text, or use HTML things

Instead of saving plain text, save them as HTML
And display them loading a local HTML file and a weviewer

IMO, I would do it with HTML
Save the notes in HTML format in a SQLite database, and display them using a Web Viewer
It is fully customizable, as we are talking about HTML

And regarding the notes dashboard, a List View Image and Text might work
But Kodular Eagle added something which may help you; I will tell you after the update

Thanks Diego. I will effectively use what you recommend. Also thanks for listening. Waiting for the update, which will surely be amazing. :star_struck:

PD: Happy engineer’s Day.

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Check the Dynamic Card View :wink:


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