More Emojis in Community

I’d seriously enjoy more emojis in the community. Examples:

  • Firebase Logo *
  • Google Logo
  • Cloud Platform Logo *
  • Google Play Logo


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Added some new emojis:

  • Android: :android: :android:
  • Firebase :firebase::firebase:
  • Google :google: :google:
  • Google Play Store :google_play: :google_play:

I LOVE YA MAN! :grin:


@Diego possible to see a Github emoji?

There you have it :github:



What site do you guys get the emojis off of? Is it EmojiOne?

We can set png images as emojis

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I know but, they all look like they come from that site since you can download a zip file with PNG images of them

Just Google Images

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I dont think you understand what Im saying LOL

Play Console

I added this one too

  • Play Developer :play_developer: :play_developer:
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Can you add my face into the icon section?


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Lol ok thanks

Why is the GitHub emoji named github_mark:?

Can you change it to :github:?

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He filled your request lawfully.