Move account projects

I have 2 kodular accounts and I intend to use only 1 now with kodular premium, the problem is the following when trying to import the project from one account to another I realized that google play does not accept this project that is now in another account, even if I put the same package name, is there a way to publish this app on play store like this?

Export the Android Keystore from the account you’re using now. Import it into the new account you’ll be using.

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Don’t forget to make backup of both keystores it you uploaded apps in Playstore from both accounts.
I think you can update apps without it but not sure in the details so better prevention

if I export this keystore to my other account will all the apps that are in it start using it? because if this happens the problem gets worse since I have about 6 apps on the play store with it

Yes, the other projects on your account will begin using the imported Android Keystore when you build them, however you can always switch Android Keystores.