Keystore imported from app inventor

Hello kodular lovers,
I have imported one of my applications and keystore from APP INVENTOR and the reason was that although is an excellent platform to learn it did not have the possibility to export APK bundle which now is a must to upload apps to GOOGLE PLAY, that is why I have finish my app using kodular, it works without a problem. But when I tried to upload it to GOOGLE PLAY it has issues. In order to avoid incompatibility. I have started my app again from zero all in KODULAR, but I can see that the same app inventor keystore is used for all my projects even the ones that are totally created in kodular.
Since I do not need my App inventor keystore for my new projects anymore.
Question is: If I delete the APP Inventor keystore imported, which I think is the one in the creator settings, does kodular generate a new keystore since it is a completely new project all built using Kodular.