Regenerate android.keystore

Just for curiosity.
Is there a way to regenerate the android.keystore file for Kodular if I have MD5 and SHA1 hash?

Read this topic, i’m shure this not help you but have nice info about keystore

Ya just create a new app project after deleting the keystore… & once you created a new project you will get new keystore…

Thank you for replying.

I would like to import the same signature to be able to update the app.

:thinking: interesting !!!
I’m sorry for my question but I’m already confused, with one keystore i can sign all my apks ?
I thought that each apk (proyect) had its different keystore

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You can sign your all apk file with one keystone but if you lost this keystone then you will not able to update your app on Playstore, you need same keystone to update app.


Yup… Your all app are signed with same keystore…

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I’m edit keystore with note pad and show: “AppInventor for Android” two times, why because it appears AppInventor. I know kodular is based in App Inventor ?
Edit: Kodular does not appear ?

I apologize @Hassan for my questions here, are not to duplicate the topic with similar questions