Tranfer All Project From One Account To Another ?

How to transfer all of my kodular AIA Project From one account to another account?

I have Many AIA Projects so I need help?

Hi welcome,
I’m not 100% sure, but the only way i know is download AIA one by one and after upload one by one to the new account.

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The only way is to upload one by one.

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Thanks so much for the info, I was not 100 % sure.

If your problem is solved then make an appropriate answer as a solution :white_check_mark:

he has the .aia file so there’s no need to download again.
And thus, you can export all project and it will give you a zip of all .aia


Thanks a lot !!!
I don’t remembered this options.

“Export All Projects” also exports the keystore along with all the projects’ AIA files. So, if someone wants to take a backup, then this is the right option.


I have a question ?
I download aia and upload to new account is not generated automatically a new key keystore ?
Sorry for my question but i don’t know !!!

Each account can store only one keystore. When you buipd your app, it checks if there’s a keystore available or not. If it’s available, it is used to sign the app. If not, a new keystore is generated and set to the account. When you import a keystore, it replaces the existing keystore.