Move marker by dragging Map

Move marker by dragging the map

It was the same feature from some popular apps when trying to modify the location. Since here in Kodular the only thing we can do for now is dragging the markers itself or Clicking the map and put marker.
Please see the video to know what I mean.

Since Kodular doesn’t have yet a feature to customize icon marker I use floating action button to personalize the icon as a marker.

using this method to center the marker

See some blocks

Screenshot_2020-07-25 Kodular Creator(1)
Screenshot_2020-07-25 Kodular Creator(2)


  • It give lag when dragging into blue area (Water)
  • Shadows under the fab icon even elevation is = 0, but it just minor
  • The latitude and longtitude is not accurate center, but it can be change in the math blocks when the screen initialize
  • Calling some developer to help by fixing some of these problems, so it might be useful for everyone willing to play with google map. :smiley: :smiley:

    Here the aia
    Testmap.aia (52.5 KB)
    Testmap.apk (5.6 MB)


Good job… Really helpful guide…

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Really helpful guide… Thanks for sharing :heart:

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Great work, this guide will help

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