[Multilanguage] What's the best method to build an app with different languages?


I read several topics about “build an app with different languages”!

I noticed some ideas and I also read this topic (“Localization extension”):

In your opinion and experience, what do you think is the best method to build a multilingual app?

Thank you for share your opinion!

I think the article what you linked is a great choice.

Take a look to Atmosphere 's translation.


I let user choose which language the user want to browse application on at first…(it is on settings also)
now when a user choose an language I save it on tinyDb on language tag.
Then on block part…
If tinyDb get tag = xxx
then xxxx
else if TinyDb get tag = yyy
then yyyyy


Mikka had postet a tuturial to use the new components for that

wait. what? sorry… do you mean mika had posted ?
If yes where?

Yes, in the tuturials section.


Yes. The best solution. Thanks @plang58 and Mika

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@plang58, thank you for help!

Using the “Resource Utilities - How to use the new component”, the language is set according the language of the device (smartphone), or the user can select he’s language?

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if you want then you can give access to user also and also you can do it by device language.

How to do it?

you can use tiny db to store the user choice.

and make a block there if tiny db contain value regarding the tag you make then do set the language using the stored value and if not then use defualt.

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here u seen that he joined the device language with name.

instead device language you can use their get value from tiny db.

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