Multiple ads on same screen

Hello Friends,
I have made an app with real content and i have put multiple Admob banner ads (a minimum of 4 and maximum of 16) in scrollable view with content. It does not kill readers’ experiance and not two or more ads appear on screen at a time. Would it be approved for ads???

And which ad network allow multiple ads on same screen from these Admob, Startapp and Amazon???

Why don’t you make it easier for everyone, including you and leave only one ad in an arrangement OUTSIDE the scrolling area?


Not a good idea. .
Follow the idea mentioned by @Italo
It’s the best idea


Is there an app in between the ads?

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See if you are putting so many ads in one screen. Even if they don’t appear at once. People will have to scroll down. But all the ads will load at once and your admob account will get invalid traffic. And your account may get suspended and if it continues your account will be terminated.

So just put 1 ad outside the scrolling area. That will the best!

Happy Koding…

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Oh sorry I didn’t notice it…
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