Banner ads implementation in scrolling page

guys i have a screen where it has more then 15 buttons. so how may admob banner ads can we place in a scrolling page.
can i place banner ads between successive 5 buttons.
does this is against admob policy.

Only one banner ad should be visible on the screen. you have to place your banner ads accordingly

but how many ad units can i place in a single screen

yes you can

sir but can we place more then 5 admob banner ads in a scrolling page. or number of ad units is limited per screen even for scrolling page

please reply

depends on length of your scrollable arrangement. p.s you don’t need to call me sir :hugs::rofl:

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Sorry for asking, but why do you need five banners in a page if one can do the job?

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More ads more revenue?! I think that’s his thinking.

ofcourse bro. Be frank everyone work for revenue only

Thanks this guy who developed that App, where you can put in a APK what you want, and this app delete all ADS, Really all ADS are deleted. So you can use a APP without 100 Banner and 100 Videos.

A good tip. Why not make at first a good APP with a real usecase. A APP what people really like and use. Than you can make a update where you you solve some issues and bring more feature into it. Than you can place in some ads, because you have active user, a APP with a usecase, a APP what people like and use. And each person understand, that if you developed a APP where you want to raise some money. You have maybe some costs for the APP, like you have to pay some third party services, like firebase, amazon or anything else. Normally if people like you app and use your app than they accept it that there some ads (2 or so ). But people like me will not look into a new app where i see after the start that there are 100 ADS, after each click a banner or a video. You will get bad comments and people delete you APP again. I think to make it in the other way, is maybe the better option.
Think of that , have a nice day.


sorry but everyone worked ( a very hard work) before getting revenue . also please be on your topic.

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Google is smarter than you, google knows everything, so to make your admob do not implement more than 2 ads per screenn


the same with one signal, if you use one signal, they know a lot of your app user. When they click on a button, how long you are online, and many more things…

It’s simple, money is not free and they will provide you it with some condition and rules so that know one can cheat them, marketing is very risky without proper knowledge.

To safe your admob account from Suspension do not implement more than 2 ads per screenn.