Admob Best Setup

Hello there , i youst wondering what is the best setup for admob
I searched , but i didnt found direct answers , so i posting this here if someone can give me some suggestions.
Every tip is Welcome ! :slight_smile:

For example 1:
Is it better to use same banner unit id ,or for every new banner what i use in app new unit id.

For example 2:
What if i use banners like this , does it count , or it is against rules ?

For example 3:
How does admob count banners?
What if my banner in vertical scroll arrangment , (down) and its not visible until you scroll down.
Will admob count it when it loads or , when i scroll down when is visible on screen.

For example 4:
What if i block some categories, or i if i set lower threshold e-cpm …
Will it help ?

Any other suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:

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when you look at ur screen you must see only one banner.
i think u need to create new id for every banner.
i think need to visible :slight_smile:
banners earns very litte
you can use interstitial and reward. dont disturb users with much ads. dont click ur own ads. dont try to cheat google :slight_smile:
thats all.

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Use a new ID for each Ad.

You can use this, it’s not against Google’s rule, but could be against of your user’s rule as this will irritate them! :wink:

Try not to do this. I can remember, I got an Alert from Admob on 2017 for the same Ad Setup.

Google counts Ad, whenever you request for it. No matter if it’s visible or not, it will be counted.

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Thanks guys !

its aganist rules. you can check here for more info Developer Policy Center

Which one?

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number 2 is aganist i think. i remember like this.but u can check rules .maybe they changed.

No, it’s not .

it’s not changed.

What about setting down level e-CPM , like to 0.30$ or block some adversment Category ?

Use clock to load Ad.

“Use clock to load Ad.”

Will i earn more ?

Hi @davidhrenn , if you take a brief look at Ad Supported apps, you can see most of apps offer In app Purchases. Ads are not main source of income for those apps. But, I am not saying that you can earn nothing from Ads. You can earn form Ads too! But, only when you get clicks. So, more users means more earning.