Multiple column data in list view

Hi guys,
I am making an app to track my personal budget. I have five columned spreadsheet in google sheets from where I get the data.

I want to put that data into a list view. But all i get is a messed up format :

If I try to use colinTreelistview extension I get only two columns:

Please can somebody help me get this look good. Thanks in advance :sweat_smile:

Show me how do you want?And your blocks

These are the blocks and i am using an spreadsheet extension to get all data.

Screenshot 2021-10-21 040807

And if the List item could be something like this it would be good, I just want all five data to be in the list item:

if possible can you share your aia for quick solution? here or in pm

Sure. Please wait.

How do I message you personally here ?

Solved in pm

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