Multiple Download Google Drive

Hello all,
I’m trying to download a list of files hosted on Google Drive.
I read this and i currenly use direct link of every file (

I tested with:
Download component: i’am able to download same file 3 to 5 time and then i got “Download unsuccessful”,and i do not want the download history, and it’s very slow (20kb/s) compared to manuel download, and i have to move the file from Downlod folder to my app folder.
ExtendedDownloader extension: work at the beging, now do not download nothing, without any error.
GET from Web componant: download same file a few time and then return error code 403 with message “Sorry...but your computer or network may be sending automated queries". To protect our users, we can't process your request right now”. see “Unusual traffic from your computer network”.

I do not necessary need to download it multiple time for the app user but for testing yes.

What is the solution for that? do have to use the Google API?
Any trick?


Hey, i have a google drive extension chargable at 35 USD.

That can be of help to you.

Dm if intrested :grinning:

I have a workaround for you to download g-drive files. I will post it soon :blush:

look forward it!

A Quick Guide :grin:

Note: Enable Share with Everyone to Download Sucessfully.

Thx @WatermelonIce for this :grin:

To download G-Drive files use this url to get a Download link of the file.

Replace DRIVE_FILE_ID with the ID and use Download Component set the url and your file will be Downloaded.
Thx @vknow360 for this.
If you want to extract file id from url use this method.
blocks (1)

In this method the url is split at Every “/” and returns a list. The File ID is the “6th” item of the list.
Now just use join block to form the Download url.
blocks (2)

I have made a simple app to perform download of G-drive file with Above Method.
APK : Ddrive_Download.apk (5.4 MB)

AIA :Ddrive_Download.aia (2.9 KB)

Video :


You can use same logic to download multiple files ot one time :smile:


@themaayur can you try this too? It’s actually almost the same thing.


Yeah, Right :grin:

Actually I am working on a project which need to download files from Drive/Docs so I quickly posted this with blocks :upside_down_face:

Thanks for this but do not andestand what you are trying to do.
If you use the default shared link when you try to download it you should get a html page rigth?
Like i said i use the direct download link
I tryed your aia file but got an image file and when i change the name to .mp3 (my file) and open it not working look corrupted (Error: Media player error 1).
Also make crash the UI of my Android phone.

@themaayur did exactly this.

You have to change the file type when downloading, do you know that?


Hello WatermelonIce basicaly if i hundestand on your first answer is you recommand to use direct link, if so it’s what i alredy use.

Ok my bad i mean
In the aia file it’s olready set to the default file name wich is an image, whatever you change it again or not i receive an image file diferent to the hosted file. Anyway the size is wrong and when rename it it’s not working.

After the file downloaded the phone freeze and got dialog message some thing like “Your Ui stop working” i do not what a hell is mean but i already uninstall it.

Anyway i move on and use another service, Mediafire which is much faster in my case.
i did not use zipped file because of the limitation of google (no scan big file == no direct link).
I’m able to use a direct link on big file with Mediafire and allow multiple request so problem resolved.

Thanks All

Finaly with Mediafire the direct download link will expire :grin: and regenere another one.

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Right, because it was a image stored in my google drive.

You have to put your link instead.

it always used my own link, it’s why it’s strange… but actualy normal because default file name was set (NewFile.png).

Is it possible to upload as well ?

Another method:

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Downloading 3 videos, each 1MB in size, from Google Drive without WRITE permission:

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Yep, it’s possible, there are some methods available

By @TimAi2

By @Taifun

Yes, but they need WRITE permission.
Mine doesn’t.

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@bodymindpower Your Method is for Downloading and these methods are for Uploading Files to Drive :sweat_smile:

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True, but they need permission.

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