MultiTwitch - Watch multiple streams at the same time!

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Tired of having to switch tabs and/or have to go on your PC to watch multitple Twitch streams at the same time? Use MultiTwitch! Using the Open-Source code from I have created an app where you are able to watch up to 4 different streams at the same time!

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Sounds like it will be quite useful.

Thanks! I’ve tried to make the UI as clean as possible, when you open the app the logo and button will fade in and I’ve made some animations with the popups :slight_smile:

Cincordea380 ui

I’m sorry, what do you mean with “Cincordea380 ui”?

@Maurits_Fokkens, your concept is amazing.
It is a rare project. Well-done. Try to add more features.

Keep koding…
All the best.

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Thanks! I am trying to do some back-end coding myself so I don’t have to use the Open-Source code from the website

very good ui