My app always crash after kodular 1.5.2 update

No, read again:

  1. Add a new screen (e.g. Screen4) and
  2. copy the components from Screen3 to Screen4.
  3. Remove Screen3 and

I started to create this app in mit inverter app. in kodular always mistakes. thanks for wanting to help me. I appreciate it

I’ll send you the customized aia via PM.
You only need to change this for all blocks in Screen4:

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Do you know if there is any problem with the spreadsheet components, or such ? Cause all my apps are integrated with airtable, and none of them are opening after the new update. Do you know anything about this ?

Then you can’t access storage with Kodular Fenix 1.5.2 update


my mine is after kodular update to 1.5.2, my app just load screen1 then close… my main screen is screen2.


thank you very much for your help. everything works well, was it because of the Russian letters?

And this is my app before kodular update to 1.5.2

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Are you using these following things.

  • Airtable.
  • Web Viewer.
  • Web Component.
  • Tiny DB.
  • Dynamic Component extension.

I don’t think this is caused by one signal or tiny db.
I have also used one signal and tiny db in my app Gamers Spot (Api 30) and i don’t faced this kind of issue till now. If you face the same issue in my app please let me know.

So there has to be some component witch is causing this issue because I’m not using any storage component.

I don’t understand how kodular staff releases an update with bugs. Would it has been better waiting to fix all right ? I think yes. Before we have one problem, it was with sdk29/30, now we have many problems with a lot of components such as most of you are reporting.


They can’t satisfy everyone.

There are some people who complain that Kodular should release bug free updates, and there others who say Kodular should release updates quickly and worry about bugs afterwards.


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Here, many people only know how to complain without understanding how complicated the process is behind the scenes. just demanding but not willing to contribute to the kodular staff who have provided a lot of convenience in building applications. what’s wrong with waiting while sharing and contributing?

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The bug is not in the components, it’s on the apk if you deleted all the screens, assets, components then the same problem remains same.
I have facing the same bug in all my previous projects before Fenix 1.5.2 update

Hello, I have the same problem, did you find a solution? In my case, I know that the problem arises when making a request or request to the airtable database, it is that action that causes the problem.
I have no idea why.

Please help, it does not work, in my case it is google maps

does not show the map

My app upgrade was released on playstore few hours ago and it started crashing. The change I did was jut to remove word free from title as Google pointed a policy.

I use airtable and as per other messages, that seems to be a problem.

Do we have a sight for solution? I am afraid this will dent the reviews of my app on the playstore!

Does your app not crash when you use cellular data?
My application crashes when using a wifi network (on Android 11+) but it does not crash if the cellular data is used.