My app has been rejected by the mi app store

Hello team kodular,
Yesterday I published my app on mi store but it was rejected due to virus.
See the screenshot for the more information,

Need your help.

It could be because one of those issues.

  • The permission ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE is in the Manifest of your app, which could trigger a false positive (search here and read this for more details).

  • One of the extensions that you used are malicious, but the possibility of this is low. Or, you have extensions that are totally not harmless, but somehow the virus scanner is sensitive towards that. (read this).

If you think there are no issues with your app, it is best to contact them.

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My problem is not solved ?

If the linked thread in the post above can’t help you, then unfortunately there is no more help regarding viruses and specifically this one a.gray.inventor.a


I’m 100% sure Dex mod remove the a.gray.inventor.a

Dex mod works well, my apps are already published in mi store and huawei store.

@NP_Gamer Now show what have you tried till now.

In your pervious post i mentioned the solution have you tried ?

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Did I say something else ir


Is there anyone who can do this for me.

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