Virus extension dynamic component

mobile bank protection detected a virus

Since it is not in English , we cannot understand what you are trying to tell…

Please translate it to English and repost it if not your topic may get flagged by someone.

Yandex browser translates text in pictures. the name of the virus is visible there. and the location path. text on the picture “virus detected”

this is an application of the state bank of Russia

[Since it is not in English , we cannot understand what you are trying to tell…]

mobile bank protection detected a virus

Ohhh… Is virus easily attacks that extension?

As I understand some words like trojan, @yusufcihan Dynamic component

but there is no trojan virus in this extension

Some of the application stores also say that the application made in AI detects the trojan virus. It was discussed in MIT AI Community.
Here are some discussions post:
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Also According to @ewpatton,
This occasionally happens when the virus scanner is either overzealous or lazy. If this is an app you have made yourself, doesn’t include extensions,* and is built using the production MIT App Inventor servers, it doesn’t actually contain a virus and is being flagged falsely by whatever virus scanner has been included on your phone by default. You may want to use whatever reporting facility provided by the company to report the false positive.

  • We cannot verify whether or not any given extension acts maliciously. Extensions are distributed by their authors and are not endorsed by MIT (except those that we have written ourselves).

I don’t think dynamic component extension contains any trojan as it is open source and you can check every code and recompile extension by yourself

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Yepp, my jio security and Mcafee also scanned apk built from that extension but no virus detected in it by my both antiviruses

It would be better if translated

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I have never used avast protection. I think the developers of the application of the state bank of Russia do not use avast. (the protection of the application worked, not the phone)

I have found One post after Going into 1628 replies
Similar Issue Also Here

Both the tools Are From Russia so it may help you

Might be @yusufcihan can help .

Yes, this was discussed earlier and by @yusufcihan

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maybe you’re right

This is a false positive, you can safely ignore it.

The extension is open source on GitHub. However, if you have any concerns, you can just compile the extension from source in your computer and use your own compiled extension. There is “Building” section in the project README for build instructions.


i scanned with quick heal which is a very good antivirus and it shows it is fully safe
also see this - [F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2 - #1613 by Berkat-has